chris mitton

Revalue: to change the value of something or to consider it again

This body of work focuses on the subjective nature of the value of cultural objects by the reinterpretation of their form in a contrasting medium and, sometimes, scale. The use of marble, in terms of its classic sculptural heritage, the time and skill taken to carve, and the provenance established through its creation by the artist's hands alone, provides a value counterpoint to the referenced object, while the use of a single medium creates a consistent narrative thread by which this expanding body of work can be contextualized.

Pure form sculpture

The 'pure form' body of work, created 1999-2009, was inspired by the idea of capturing a passing thought or concept and realising it through the power of minimal, pure form and the permanence of stone or metal.

It was motivated by the desire to represent fundamental themes and the apparent dichotomies in the world around us, such as permanence and transition, balance and imbalance, the definite and the intangible, and what is and what should be.