chris mitton

'Brick', Carved Carrara marble brick, life-size, on black granite base, individually numbered edition of 999, £500

marble brick

The marble brick project was born as a personal, artistic response to the obscene cost of shelter and the implications thereof.

It is a numbered, limited edition of 999 hand-carved Carrara marble house bricks. 

Available to purchase individually, it also incorporates two unique artworks: 

The first, conceived at the birth of the project, consists of a stack of marble bricks on a pallet, as would be found on any house building site. It's modest proportions and high price - the average price of a first-time buyers' house - created the title 'How much - for that? The obscene cost of shelter'

The second artwork, born as a result of the realisation that for a whole generation this issue has divided society, consists of a wall of marble bricks. It represents the inaccessibility of home ownership and the redundancy of the current metaphor. The price reflects the obscene cost of shelter whichever side of the wall you're on. Titled 'It's not a property ladder anymore, it's a property wall'