Chris Mitton

Available exclusively through TAG Fine Arts, London.

Cast Carrara marble, limited edition of 25.

Cast Basalt black stone, limited edition of 25.

'Subverting the heroic iconography of the classical carved marble bust, Hoodie creates an anonymous anti-hero by confronting the faceless stereotyping and politics of fear employed by government and media, rather than them addressing issues behind the social exclusion and desire for self-exemption from society.'

Originally available as a hand-carved Carrara marble edition of three, all sold to private collections, Hoodie is now available in cast Carrara marble or Basalt black stone, both in a limited edition of 25.

These editions have been created in collaboration with craftsmen in England who specialise in the reproduction of classical busts and sculpture. Using a mould created from the artist's carved Carrara marble original, their proprietary dry casting method uses crushed natural stone, resulting in a solid sculpture that has the weight and coolness of touch similar to that of the original. The natural material used in the casting process ensures that each sculpture is unique in it's surface patina. Each sculpture is hand finished and signed by the artist.