chris mitton


26 October - 13 November, Division of Labour, London. I've just been offered a solo show at this exciting new London art space, more details to follow...

Fuel Gun - 'Relic from a lost civilisation.' My latest sculpture, just finished...

Hoodie - Subverting the heroic iconography of the classical carved marble bust, Hoodie creates an anonymous anti-hero by confronting the faceless stereotyping and politics of fear employed by government and media, rather than them addressing issues behind the social exclusion and desire for self-exemption from society'. Originally available as a hand-carved Carrara marble edition of three, it will shortly be available in a cast edition.

Tools - a study of form and function. 'We don't make anything anymore, only art.' Social commentary on a society shifting from manufacturing based to one centred around the creative arts, these artworks serve as monuments to our journey from caveman to spaceman, embodying the fragile nature of that journey and the world we've created.

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